Learn more about our background as a Christ-centered Bible-based organization.

Two beds in a bedroomPhoebe’s House Ministries (PHM) was established in 2006 in Franklin, TN. We started humbly in doing weekly jail ministry for inmates. The Word of God and Prayer was being given to the inmates, and their faith and hope were becoming strong, but a lot of them who were about to be released from jail said that they did not have any place to live when they get out of jail.  So, the journey of starting a Phoebe’s House (PH) began. It was hard with no money, volunteers or help, but God did it. He made a way.

PHM would like to thank:

  • The whole Fire Department of Franklin, TN who came to PH to donate space heaters and toiletries because they heard that PH did not have any heat to keep the residents  warm.
  • The Middle Tennessee Electric Membership Corporation, Franklin Office for donating $5,000.00 to PHM for making a difference in the community; making it possible for PHM to pay some bills and get a seventeen-passenger van for transporting the ex-offenders to jobs, appointments, etc.
  • The Franklin, TN Police department and Chief of Police at that time for assisting PHM in a Community Prayer Walk after a fatal crime in the community (All of the participants met at PH,  started the walk from PH, and ended it back at PH.).
  • The Christian Ophthalmologist who supplied free eye exams and prescription eyeglasses to all the residents of PH who needed eye glasses.
  • The News Publication Companies who published great articles about PHM and PH. Thanks!!!

different hands forming a circleNow, PHM is in Saginaw, MI, providing a PH for ex-offenders to have a temporary home to live in to help prevent them from returning to prison. PHM also have included another ministry called “Back to the Basic” for at-risk youth, to help prevent as many of them as possible from going to prison in this ongoing cycle. These youth are also part of our future and we all have a hand and building our future in a positive way.

The uniqueness of PHM is that it looks at the ex-felons and the at-risk students as one big revolving door syndrome – the at-risk students going in the revolving doors that lead to prison, and the ex-felons coming out of the revolving doors from prison, being at-risk themselves of going back to prison. PHM feel that the whole circle – at-risk students; and ex-felons must be dealt with in a joint capacity in order to see a real difference made in them both, and a real difference made for a better and more safe society.

PHM is a proud member of the Saginaw County Chamber of Commerce. God gave this 501 (C) (3) nonprofit organization the name Phoebe’s House Ministries, Romans 16:1-2 NIV.

Our Mission Statement

We are committed to bringing people to the path in which God wants them to be. We inspire people to be inclined to the Word of God everyday; and that everybody deserves a chance to live a new life in Christ Jesus.

Our Vision Statement

Our vision is for everyone to be a better person, living in a better community, living in a better society, living in a better world, and choosing life eternally for everybody.